Tree Surgeon Hertfordshire
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Tree Surgeon Hertfordshire

Site Clearance

C.T.S. Landmark offer a site clearance service to remove and prune trees to make way for other work to be done, for instance building work.

We work closely with the developers, ensuring that the very minimum number of trees are removed, therefore minimising visual and environmental impact while also ensuing that the development will not be affected.

C.T.S. Landmark has experience in quickly and efficiently clear your site for future or further development. Our resources range from chainsaw operators and tree climbers through to high efficiency tracked mulching units. From the largest trees to the thickest scrub, the application of the right resources will quickly transform an unmanaged wilderness into a well-prepared development site.

Stump grinding

Got a problem with a tree stump?
We have the solution. Stump grinding causes less disturbance to the surrounding soil, drains, foundations, paths etc., than actually digging and winching the stump out in its entirety. Our machines can grind the stump down below ground level to as much as 10 inches and removing only what is necessary to gain the desired objective. This operation leaves only a mulch which is wood chipped from the stump. This can be left or removed as requested.
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