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The Enviroment

CTS Landmark recognise the importance of the environment not only for today’s generation but for generations to come. We are committed to reducing or eliminating altogether any adverse effects of tree surgery on the environment. Our Environmental Policy sets out our aims and objectives and we work to it on a daily basis. The policy applies to both work carried out on customers’ property and our activities off-site. We aim to:

• Only use biodegradable vegetable based oils for our equipment at extra expense to us, not our customers.
• Initiate tree planting programs around the island.
• Recycle or reuse all by-products of our operations either as timber, logs, chippings or mulch.
• Reduce the levels of pollution generated by our work.
• Reduce the level of natural resources consumed in carrying out our work.
• Encourage the best environmental practices throughout our business at all levels.
• Ensure that our work is safe for our staff, our customers, the general public and wildlife.

Our Environmental Policy is kept under regular review to mirror best practice in the industry.

Logs & Woodchip

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All the timber that we cut down is removed and stored at our recycling yard, where it is seasoned before being processed in to split logs for firewood. These logs are available for sale by the bag, truck or trailer load.

Woodchip is ideal for use as a garden mulch to suppress weeds, retain soil moisture and replace the organic nutrients continually needed by plants. It is also useful for decorative purposes such as to create paths, play areas, etc. Our woodchip is available for sale by the bag or truck load.
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